Why choosing Data 4 Sports?

At Data 4 Sports we have one mission: making data easy, fast, and useful for teams

We make data easy and painless

Why sould you have to adapt to a tool when you can have a tool that adapts to you?

No more spending time filling data you don’t need and won’t use. Go straight to the point and only import data you’ll actually use!

Simply connect to your data or add your files and you’re ready to go. Data should always be that easy.



We make data useful and actionable

Stop juggling between your different files, we take care of that for you!

We link all your data together and create tailor-made insights so you can directly take decisions based on what matters to you.

Enjoy world-class analytics and world-class reports to have all the information you need at the tip of your fingers.


The Ultimate Analytics Tool for Staffs

Whether you are a Head Coach, a Head of Performance, an S&C Coach, a Video Analyst, a Scout, you collect data.

Data 4 Sports is the ultimate solution to connect, share, and analyze all your data.

Head of Football

Overview all your teams’ performance and identify opportunites for improvement among the teams

Head Coach

Get insights about your players’ performances and detailed tactical hints about your opponents

Head of Performance

Explore all your physical data to optimize your trainings based on your players’ fitness and your objectives


Head of Youth

Follow your youth players across your different teams and identify pathways to elite performance

Head of Scouting

Identify opportunities worldwide by pre-screening athletes and focus your teams on the best leads

S&C Coach

Make sure athlete are in the best shape to perform and leverage state-of-the-art applied sport science



Easily compare the players you’re targeting spend your time where it’s the most worth it



Deep dive in the causes of injuries and accurately follow each player’s return to play at each step


Video Analyst

Add data to your video and get access to custom, detailed insights before each game to help you prepare

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