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Data 4 Sports is the reference Sport Data Analytics platform for professional clubs and sports federations. Thanks to your data, optimize the performance of your athletes and its management.

Turn your data into a competitive advantage!

Make data your new unfair advantage

Data has taken a growing importance in elite sports in the last 5 years, and we are reaching a tipping point. Teams can either leverage their data to get better, or not embrace this technological shift and miss a lot of information they sit on.

We believe (and know for a fact) teams can improve by using data to find the extra 1%. From training to games, from medical to scouting, data is changing the game in a unreversible way.

Data 4 Sports helps teams embrace this new way by providing an easy to use, fully custom, blazing fast data platform designed by data scientists for staffs and athletes to make sure they get the most advanced analytics possible.

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